As a Hay Mama subscription customer, you’ll receive either 100 or 200 pounds of meat each year, in 15-20 lb. deliveries. This will include a mix of our most popular cuts of beef and you will have choices to select or unselect certain items you may not want. For instance, if you prefer roasts to ground beef, you can opt for more of those and less ground. Along with being guaranteed to get our popular cuts all year (we typically sell out of all our steaks in March), you’ll also be able to get special items we don’t normally sell, like whole beef tenderloins. The subscription includes:

  • Rib-eye, New York, and Filet Mignon Steaks

  • Ground Beef and/or Ground Pork (1 lb or patties)

  • Briskets, Tri-tip, and chuck roast

  • Specialty items like whole beef tenderloin

  • Choice to receive other items if you’d like: short-ribs, osso bucco, hot dogs, sausage, Hay Mama pork products, and more


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