Election Night Sirloin


From Kristi

Personally I think grilling steaks on the BBQ is over-rated (although I realize the irony given my Blog is called "Hot off the grill".) Too often they end up over-cooked, charred (which can't be good for you), and lacking the butter like consistency that other methods provide. It does depend on the type of steak I suppose (tri-tips probably are best on the BBQ).  I love cooking a tenderloin in a cast iron skillet on the stove (steak au poivre) but I hadn't tried this with a sirloin until last night and it is now my favorite way to cook a sirloin. I used Alton Brown's recipe "Election Night Sirloin Steak" and followed it exactly as written and it was perfect. If you prefer your steak more on the well side, you will want to add a bit of cooking time and also allow it to rest for more like 10 minutes to continue to cook. Mine was perfectly medium rare with just the right amount of seasoning (using his 1 tablespoon of salt in the pan approach), and it melted in your mouth.  Alton's Election Night Sirloin Steak