Hay Mama Meat Club

Hay Mama is excited to announce our meat club membership for those interested in a guaranteed, regular supply all year long of our delicious grass-fed beef. Along with getting 6 deliveries during the year, our members will have the opportunity to purchase special, limited quantity products like special cuts of beef, our delicious pork, and more.  The benefits of membership include:

  • Six 20lb. bundles of Hay Mama grass-fed beef delivered to your house every other month.  Members will have the option to order more if they'd like before each scheduled delivery.
  • An invitation to add special products to your order available ONLY to our members. Includes special meat cuts, our incredible Hay Mama pork, and Tom's bacon.
  • With limited quantity available, membership guarantees product to you throughout the year.
  • No additional charge for membership and no delivery fee, just a commitment to purchase the 120lbs over the course of a year. For those concerned about storing a lot of product in your freezer or who want a guaranteed supply, this is a great option for you.
  • Memberships are limited so sign-up today.