Buying Our Products

Our meat is sold as mixed bundles, some individual cuts, specialty items, or just ground. Orders placed can be picked up in Portola Valley or delivered for a fee to some parts of San Mateo County. Unfortunately we can not deliver outside of San Mateo County at the moment.

Current pickup dates available and you can select a date at check out.

Email us with questions on pick-ups and orders.

Now Available: Hay Mama Pork

While supplies last, we are offering some of our heritage breed pork. Learn more here.

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P Bar Classic Bundle

The 27 pounds of meat is made up of approximately 7 pounds of steaks and 10 pounds each of roasts and ground.
P Bar Classic Bundle is $9 per pound.

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Steaks & Ground

A 15 lb mix of half steaks and half ground beef. Steaks may include rib-eye, New York, Sirloin strip, tenderloin, skirt, flank, or flat iron. Ground can be 1 lb packages and/or pre-made 1/3 lb patties.

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Individual Items

In addition, we have individual items like hot dogs, chuck roasts, briskets, ground beef, and much more.

Dog Bones

Roger loves dogs as much as we do and we can't leave them out when enjoying our delicious Hay Mama grass-fed beef. Throw in a package of Hay Mama grass-fed raw dog bones for your furry family member. Each package contains 2-3 bones. Limited supply.