I was born and raised on my family’s sheep and cattle ranch on the Yellowstone River not far from the P Bar.  I started dating my wife Leah in high school, when she lived on what is now the P Bar Ranch.  I have lived and worked in the Boulder Valley for the last 23 years.  Our 2 sons, Wyatt and Ty, were raised in this valley as well, and still live nearby. My grandfather came from Norway, and the first place he leased when he got started ranching here is just over the hill on our neighbor’s ranch, where my Dad was born, 87 years ago.  Seems we haven’t moved far – we’ve never found a better place to be from.

We have a great relationship with the Patterson’s.  Our goal is to keep the animals, land, and people happy and healthy, and I think we are generally successful.  With the Patterson’s, we are very oriented toward keeping and improving the health of the land as we use it to raise grass fed beef.  I strive to keep things with the cattle pretty simple.  Keep them with plenty to eat, and help them out when the weather is poor.    I am always learning new and different ways to do things, and I’m sure that will continue as long as I am ranching.  There are always new and different challenges that come along.