A passion for land, animals, and each other.

Hay Mama is, in many ways, not just about selling beef. We decided to start our company in order to provide a delicious product to the market so that we could also promote the multi-faceted merits — to humans and the environment — of sustainable ranching.

We are a family-owned operation based out of Sweet Grass County in the southwestern corner of Montana that now spans three generations. We are dedicated not only to providing the highest quality grass-fed beef products but also doing so with a keen and passionate eye toward promoting land sustainability and ensuring healthy biodiversity.

In a huge contrast to feed-lot animals, our cows live a truly stress-free life roaming over more than 2,000 acres. They drink mountain spring water in the Boulder River Valley, and over their two and a half year lives spend their days grazing in one of the most beautiful range lands in the U.S.  Our cattle are antibiotic free, never treated with growth hormones, and are 100% pasture raised.

Overseeing ranch operations is Roger Hammersmark, a lifelong Montanan with progressive ideas about ranching mixed in with a proud cowboy ethic. His dedication to the animals is paramount, as is his belief that maintaining a healthy ranch ultimately impacts not only the cows’ lives, but also those of countless other animals and birds that call the ranch home. Hay Mama is both Audubon Bird Friendly Certified as well as Western Sustainability Exchange Certified.

Finally, a big part of Hay Mama’s philosophy is around giving back. To that end, every time our product is purchased it allows us to contribute (pound for pound) beef to Bay Area organizations that serve those in need. This includes LifeMoves, a Bay Area shelter network with a mission to end the cycle of homelessness and St. Francis Center of Assisi in Redwood City who help low-income families live with dignity and become self-supporting members of the community. We believe Hay Mama can be part of a virtuous cycle, where a sustainable and affordable grass-fed beef company can lead to benefits to both the environment and our fellow human beings.